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Hi Philippe,

We've just received the photos & what can we say... ? From the begining, right after the first meeting with you, we knew it was you, our wedding photographer . You did not speak about yourself and your work for hours, instead simply asking us to talk about ourselves and what weddings means to us and your photos are exactly what we were dreaming of. We wanted real moments instead of staged and posed settings that are so “cliché” and common to all wedding pictures.

And you gave us a real pure wedding documentary style; we let you do whatever you felt like doing and you also let us do the same and enjoy our wedding day with our families and friends. Never staged any setting and never asked us to pose. You captured every single moments, without interfering in these precious moments and everything is now kept safe in our gorgeous wedding album.

Every single picture is natural, just real moments, snapshots of joyful moments and we want to thank you for this!

Thank you for your excellent work!
We’re delighted to have been lucky enough to have hired you as our hotographer.
Thank you for having used all of your talent to immortalise what was a beautiful day. Thank you for having accompanied us before, during and even after our wedding day. You were always reassuring by our sides. As well as your work, we will remember having met you, on a human level, for a long time to come.

More than a photographer, you are an artist!

Thanks for everything!


Everything started the day the wedding photographer we had in mind told us he was already busy the day we would need him. Lucky us, it is how we found Philippe!
Getting lost in the jungle, aka the Internet, is so easy and as the websites were passing by, our hope to find the one and only was vanishing in the air.
We don't remember exactly how we got his website address but we definitely remember the feeling of falling in love with his pictures. There was no other way: we wanted HIM as photographer. An email, fingers crossed, a positive answer: the dream could start.
From the very beginning, our interactions with Philippe were really smooth, or even enjoyable we would say! After 10 minutes, we called us ``Tu`` and we joked together like old friends. Our crazy ideas had just met the perfect actor in order to have them realized. We met up one month later to go deeper into the organization. Philippe appeared to be an extreme creative guy, easygoing and a great listener. He thinks outside the box and instantly understood the type of photography we were looking for, which was very important for us.
When we were sure we found the one we needed, Philippe kept surprising us: Leading up to the wedding he helped us prioritized the pictures and the guests we wanted to have an emphasis on during the D-day. He also brought a lot of ideas for our ``official`` couple pictures.
On the wedding day, our entire family commented on how fun it was to take photos with him but they were really surprised to learn that ``no, we have not been close friends for ever``, so much he is able to put everyone at ease at first sight. That point was very crucial to us. Knowing ahead that we could trust him, took a huge weight off our mind.
All day long, Philippe was invisible but everywhere though! He captured all the important shots we wanted and an uncountable number we would have never thought of.
When we got the photos we were not concerned at all, even if our expectations were quite high, because we knew it would be perfect. He captured the story of the day(s) and shared the special moments we did not even noticed ourself.
Since that day, we have become pretty popular among our guests but more especially among friends of friends, wishing to have the chance to work with Philippe, someday.
We definitely can not recommend Philippe enough to anyone who is getting married (and never want to be jealous of other wedding photos again)!
Thank you Philippe for making that very special day an incredible memory, for ever and ever.
Hi Philippe,

We are so greatfull for your job! Like a real ‘hunter’ of the perfect moment, you didn’t lose a second of our wedding day, and we've even discover things that we missed, from another point of view, when looking back over the photos. When perusing the photos the quality of the work is undeniable, and we can re-live the laughter, the tears and all the little moments that we didn’t see, but are, all the same, important to us.

We all (our parents too) are in love with your photos and couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Thank you so much!