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This page describs me
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Hello! Let’s take the time to get to know one another…


My name is Philippe Nieus and I’m photographer of love.


My photographic style can be described as modern, elegant and slightly leftfield. I love to research aesthetics and I offer to bring a mixture of authenticity and originality to your wedding.


On your big day you can rely on my discretion whilst capturing those special personal interactions and spontaneous moments. With regards to photographing the  couple, I assume an active role. I will guide you, advise you, place you and put you in the limelight. Just allow yourselves to be guided and make the most of that special moment together. My goal is to discover you, to understand your unique personalities, and to create a universe that resembles you. It’s allowing this process to take place that will bring out the magic and the poetry in my photographs.


I’m most accustomed to working in Belgium and France, but I work, with great pleasure, anywhere and everywhere in the world.


And you? What about you? I’m curious to know your story…”

Your investment for a wedding reportage:

The big day is approaching and you want everything to be perfect.


Because all weddings are unique, it’s important for me to listen to your desires and adjust my services so that they suit your needs. The tariffs are ‘à la carte’ and cover full reportages.
For each reportage, I offer:

. A documentary of your wedding over a period of time that you feel is most appropriate.

. The editing and treatment of the ensemble of wedding photographs.

. Within 2 or 3 weeks the uploading of a web gallery of all the selected picitures (400-500).



Your investment for a full reportage starts at 1 800€


If you so desire, I can also offer:


An engagement session (+/- 2 hours) a few weeks before the wedding.
An order for a physical photo album (up to a number of months after the receipt of the photos.)
A photo session with the couple after the marriage, and / or a ‘trash the dress.’
An overseas reportage


Don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page for a personal quote.