Philippe Nieus | In Uccle the wedding of Coline & Nicolas
Coline & Nicola's wedding in Uccle
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Wedding in Uccle | Coline & Nicolas

Wedding in Uccle | Coline & Nicolas

Fantastic weather and a wonderful couple: A wedding that will knock your socks off!

Coline and Nicolas said yes on June the 6th  St. Anne’s Church in Uccle. Firstly, a short note about this lovely little church. This truly surprising venue and religious edifice in one of Brussels’ vibrant communes is situated in a green space and gives a rather exotic feel to an otherwise urban location.


However, to come back to Coline and Nicolas, they touched me with their attentiveness, good mood and interesting ideas. The guests were also very keen to show their desire to throw a veritable party for their nearest and dearest, and had prepared a number of great surprises for the couple.

They prepared their wedding unlike most others, with great attention to detail for all of their guests, and an infallible organization, including insisting that the DJ achieve a very dignified light for the first dance.

As fans of photography they wanted their souvenirs to be extraordinary, and to add to that, Coline’s sister, a photography teacher gave me lessons back in my early days, so there really was no pressure!

Once again, a huge thanks to Coline and Nicolas for having trusted me!