Philippe Nieus | Christine & Sandra at the Spirito
Discover Christine & Sandro's wedding at the Spirito Brussels
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Christine & Sandro at the Spirito | Brussels

Christine & Sandro at the Spirito | Brussels

Sometimes, couples do things differently. Christine and Sandro are one of those. They’re live in Luxembourg, and they celebrated their union on a Friday in a festive fashion in their adopted country of residence. As they wanted to include their friends from Brussels and the surrounding region, they decided to organise a reception and celebratory meal, the following day, in two unusual venues in the city.

Spirito was the location of the reception, one of the most exclusive clubs in the capital. I must admit that I was impressed by the venue, and old Anglican church, transformed into a club. The result is amazing, a subtle mixture of the old walls and modern décor, all brought together with beautiful lighting. The photograph presented was taken there.

After said reception Christine and Sandro wanted to organise a surprise for their close friends and family, who were not aware of the plans for the evening’s festivities. The group met up at the hotel, and took to the streets of Brussels for an evening walk to the foot of one of the tallest towers in Europe’s capital, where they were greeted by a charming hostess and guided 25 floors up, to the ‘Villa in the Sky.’ Here they experienced a second ‘wow factor’ for the evening, at a restaurant with a 180 degree, overhanging view of Brussels.

Bubbles and unusual dishes, in a dream venue, all to finish off a wedding unlike the others, with aplomb…