Philippe Nieus | wedding of Maité & Jean Philippe
The wedding of Maïté & Jean-Philippe at the beautifull Val Fayt
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Maité and Jean-Philippe | wedding at Val Fayt

Maité and Jean-Philippe | wedding at Val Fayt

After a year-long wait, the big day finally arrived!

Maïté and Jean-Philippe celebrated their wedding day in Val Fayt, Hainaut, a beautiful domain nestled in a beautiful, natural area. We shan’t dwell on the weather, which did not affect the atmosphere of the day, or dissuade the couple from making a great effort during the realisation of their couple photos.

The civil and religious ceremonies took place in the beautiful village of Villers-la-Ville. The couple will always remember the confusion of the priest during the exchange of rings – he almost lost his Latin!

The occasion also had a unique flavor; Maïté and Jean-Philippe announced to their close friends and family, before the wedding, that they would be leaving on a 6 month world tour, shortly after the festivities. No more was needed to ensure that the event was special!

Thanks to Maïté and Jean Philippe for their trust.