Philippe Nieus | wedding & fun
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wedding & fun


There are some weddings that are simply unforgettable. The case of Charlotte and Arnaud, who were married on the 7th of September at ‘la ferme de la Hagoulle, near to Nivelles, in the Waloon Brabant province, was just that!

The couple are keen swimmers, and love the colour orange, so they arranged the festivities along the themes of water, blue, orange and fish. And of course, a pinch of fun, poked at themselves!The weather conditions were interchangeable, with some sunny spells, some rain and growling thunder, and a beautiful sunset. The day began at 7:30am with the bridal preparations, the groom’s arrival and the offering of the bouquet. Following that was the ‘official’ ceremony, out in the open, which the guests will surely never forget! After that came the group photos, the speeches and, of course, the evening do! Fantastic décor, motivated guests and a couple that seemed to breathe happiness, made a perfect cocktail.

All my best wishes to Charlotte and Arnaud!

NB – A big thanks to Juliette and Joseph, the goldfish, for the waterfalls. They were returned safe and sound to their owners.