Philippe Nieus | Crazy wedding in Luxemburg
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Crazy wedding in Luxemburg

Aurore and Damien are seasoned travellers and two personalities out of the ordinary. Their wedding was ‘travel’ themed and took place at the end of the summer, with fantastic weather, in the Luxembourg Province. The guests were all very much up for it! Mix everything together and you get a wedding that sparkles, is a bit crazy, but most of all, is very ‘real.’

I can’t begin to round up the numerous anecdotes (some of which were a little cheeky!) that were scattered throughout the day! However, at one moment during the proceedings, someone accosted me, saying, “how long have you been friends, you seem very close?” That’s the sort of question that makes me very happy! I’m really happy to have met them and highly honoured to have been the privileged witness that documented the story of their wedding day.

A big thanks to you guys, and more importantly, I wish you a long and happy life together!