Philippe Nieus | Wedding photographer in Belgium | Brussels
Philippe Nieus is a wedding & engagement photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. He is also available in France + Europe + World
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wedding photographer

Have you ever realized that weddings and creativity go hand-in-hand ?



A wedding is both traditional and festive, a big adventure sown with anecdotes. A wedding is something intimate and social, a shared proposal and the sharing of freedom, a little of everything that is dear to you. Because, your story can’t be interrupted…


Photo documentary is one thing, and the photography of a wedding is another. Just like you, I’m convinced that it’s not only meant to tell a story, but also to move, to be simultaneously discreet and audacious. It should be attentive, and care for the details, and should come from the heart.

Photographing a modern wedding means more than providing clichés, it means capturing the wedding’s individual poetry and magic. That’s what I love about  wedding photography.


My goal is to give you more than just  photographs. It’s to take you to where you have imagined.


For all these reasons, and for many others that exist without being explicit, my creativity gives me the indispensable freedom to achieve my goal, which is to make your wedding unique.


Philippe : a passionate wedding photographer !